About Us


Greater Manchester Malayalee Hindu Community aims to preserve the continuity of Hindu culture, customs and religion to the benefit of Hindu diaspora mainly from South Indian state of Kerala living in and around Manchester, and wider community.

Manchester is the second most populous and second largest city in United Kingdom. The city is notable for its architecture, culture, music scene, media links, scientific and engineering output, social impact and sporting connections. Sports clubs which bear the city name include Premier league football teams, Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester was the site of the world’s first railway station, and the place where scientists first split the atom and developed the first stored-programme computer.

Greater Manchester Malayalee Hindu Community represents Hindus from different parts of the world mainly Malayali Hindus migrated to UK from the south Indian state of Kerala. Hinduism has been in England since the early 19th century. But it was limited to Hindu scholars, philosophers, reformers and also visitors from the princely states of India.It is interesting the fact that Sri Aurobindo Ghosh who was anIndian nationalist, freedom fighter, philosopher, yogi, Maharishi, guru and poet with his two elder brothers were taken to Manchester for European studies with his brothers and they studied at Manchester Grammar Schoolbetween 1880 and 1884. The migration of Hindus to UK started before India’s independence and second world war but it was very little and mostly temporarily. Later after independence many Indians including Hindus migrated to UK for better economic opportunities, and many Hindu doctors were recruited by Conservative Health Minister Rt Hon Enoch Powell to save NHS. After that the third wave of Hindu migration occurred in 1970’s from Kenya, Singapore, and also from Uganda when Idi Amin expelled people with Indian origin. The last trend of migration of Hindus including Keralites began in late 1990s mainly comprises of doctors, software professionals and nurses .Most of the members of this organisation are among them currently around 75 families living in and around Manchester city.

The formation of this organization was the natural transformation of likeminded people who have been conducting regular Bhajans and prayers since 1987. This Samajam will form a platform to bring people of Hinduism together and take part in the various activities as envisaged below.