Rajani Renjith


Sindhu Unni


Arunchand GopalaKrishnan

Joint Secretary

Ambili Dinesh


Raju Subramaniam

Joint Treasurer

Janesh CN

Committee Member

Rajini Geemon

Committee Member

Jaya Sudhir

Committee Member

Shilpa Rahul

Committee Member

Harish Nair

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Leeja Arun

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Sreekanth Potty

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Dhanesh Sreedhar

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Soby Babu

Objectives of GMMHC

To advance education, relieve poverty, distress and sickness and to advance the Hindu religious, cultural and social activities in the Manchester area, particularly by theprovision of a place of worship.

  1. Establish a Center/Mandir for the Hindu community in Greater Manchester.
  2. Provide facilities for religious functions.
  3. Provide a meeing place for Hindus of all traditions and cultures and for the others interested in Hindu religion.
  4. To promote the welfare, health & educational needs of the Hindu community.
  5. Enable and encourage the study of Hinduism.
  6. Promote the study of comparative religion and Philosophy in their widest form.
  7. Study the lives and teachings of the great teachers and sages of India of Hindu faith and of other faiths.
  8. Arrange lectures and discussions on the Hindu religion and other religions.
  9. Raise funds and invite and recieve contributions from any person or persons whatsoever, byway of subscriptions, or donation otherwise, provided the Samaj shall not undertake any permanent trading activities in raising funds for its objectives.
  10. Encourage service to the Indian community in furtherance of the objects of the Hindu Samaj.
  11. Promote all such things as shall further the greater understanding of the Hindu religion.